VictoryKids is a fun and safe place for all children from age 0-5th grade to experience God’s love! Our VictoryKids team creates an environment where kids can:

  • experience God’s presence in a life-changing way
  • encounter a loving community where adults and peers know them by name
  • be equipped to engage their world to tell others about Jesus’s love
  • encourage one another in their spiritual growth

We believe in an active, hands-on approach to learning with kids, so there will be a lot of fun activities, engaging worship, and an exciting lesson in every Sunday experience!

As leaders, we develop relationships with families, disciple children through relationship, and point everyone to Jesus.

Takeout Training for Leaders


We’ve compiled some bite-sized reflections and trainings for those who want to continue to learn and grow in their leading of children.

Worksheets are from Takeout Training for Teachers by Keith Johnson.


Below are a few select Units of worksheet training – I suggest taking about 15 minutes for each one.  Feel free to do a couple at once, try one a week during down time in a waiting room, or just go for it and read them all!

Building a Relationship with a Child:

Lesson One: Communicating Effectively Worksheet 01-communicating-effectiv

Lesson Two: Welcome Worksheet 02-welcome

Lesson Three: Are We Having Fun Yet? Worksheet 03-are-we-having-fun

Lesson Four: Time Well Spent Worksheet 04-time-well-spent

Lesson Five: Open Door Policy Worksheet 05-open-door-policy

Lesson Six: You’re in the Family Business Too! Worksheet 06-youre-in-the-family

Leading a Child in a Faith Decision

Lesson One: Lost Lambs Worsksheet 01-lost-lambs

Lesson Two: Sharing Your Faith Story Worksheet 02-sharing-your-faith-story

Lesson Three: When Is a Child Ready? Worksheet 03-when-is-a-child-ready

Lesson Four: Celebrate with Angels Worksheet 04-celebrate-with-angels

Discipline in a Learning Environment

Lesson One: Pet Peeves Worksheet 01-pet-peeves

Lesson Two: Active Learning Worksheet 02-active-learning

Lesson Three: Discipline and Discipleship Worksheet 03-discipline-and

Lesson Four: Distractions Worksheet 04-distractions

Lesson Five: It’s All About Age Worksheet 05-its-all-about-age

Lesson Six: Let the Kids Decide Worksheet 06-let-the-kids-decide

Lesson Seven: Power of Parents Worksheet 07-power-of-parents

Lesson Eight: Never Let Them See You Sweat Worksheet 08-never-let-them-see-you